the golden octave

Witch Prophet

88 Days of Fortune • 2018

88 Days of Fortune • 2018

Witch Prophet’s The Golden Octave seamlessly pulls from limitless spaces and gratifyingly delivers a solid debut album of liberating and boundless bohemian soul music. Trippy and psychedelic at times, most tracks creatively spring from an experimental R&B core, and this formula works tremendously well for talented Toronto-based artist Ayo Leilana, who is Witch Prophet. Lyrically versatile, personally powerful anthems and songs of enlightenment and love flesh out the album’s richness. On “Time Traveler” featuring Lido Pimienta, Leilana seductively sings, “What if I told you just who I was? /Would you be more careful knowing what I’m capable of?” And on “Mirror” featuring Rosina Kazi, the beauty is in the repetition of “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for/We are the ones we’ve been praying for.” The Golden Octave is a beautifully textured project that expands the genre of rhythm and blues music into a space that is rarely tread, but wonderfully welcome.

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