in a poem unlimited

U.S. Girls

4AD • 2018

4AD • 2018

Revenge is more than simply sweet with Meg Remy, aka U.S. Girls—it’s a righteous dance party. Protest music takes a pop-driven, disco-influenced spin on In a Poem Unlimited, the latest release from the American expat (she now lives in Toronto). 

Typically when I’m mad as hell, I have more of an urge to put my fist or middle finger in the air than to dance. No more! “Mad as hell” now translates to “M.A.H.” — or so titled on this album’s third track — and I’m suddenly ready to spin under a disco ball, arms wide, singing, “As if you couldn’t tell, I’m mad as hell.” “I won’t forget, so why should I forgive?” she demands, all sugary sweetness. “No, not as long as we both shall live!” It’s never been so much fun to be angry! Also, am I supposed to be thinking about ABBA right now? Because I am. 

That’s not to say this dance party doesn’t take some dark turns; it does. The opening track alone is the sweet revenge tale any woman who has ever felt threatened walking home alone at night needs. (Read: Every woman.) It’s breathy and menacing, building from “sleeping with one eye open” to the moment when she takes her power back— “instill in them the fear that comes with being prey.” 

And on “Incidental Boogie,” don’t let the funk distract you from what’s really going on. Remy takes the listener through a cycle of emotional abuse in under 4 minutes. Let her explain: 

I still do what I want
And I still do what I like
But now, I got this man to show me that I'm all wrong
He hits me left, he hits me right
All the time, but no marks
No marks, no evidence to see

Those lyrics signify a rough ride, but there’s still no threat of anyone calling her a feminist killjoy when that [incidental] boogie is followed by the catchy as hell tracks “L-Over” and “Pearly Gates.” 

Above all, In a Poem Unlimited delivers the protest tunes we need in 2018. It gets exhausting slaying the patriarchy — there’s no reason we can’t have a dance party while we’re doing it.

#MeToo, Meg.

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