freedom’s goblin

Ty Segall

Drag City • 2018

Drag City • 2018

Having released three albums in 2018, one a collaborative album with White Fence, Ty Segall seems to be out to steal Ryan Adams’ “Most Prolific” title. January’s Freedom’s Goblin exceeds 70 minutes, and it is unclear whether Segall believes he poops platinum or whether he simply lacks a red pen. Mostly comprised of instantly forgettable tracks, there is a single gold nugget to be discovered: a cover of Hot Chocolate’s “Every 1’s a Winner.” This satellite radio fave has a guitar riff so charismatic and catchy, it’s a wonder it hasn’t been in the trailer for every heist film released this year. Segall may not have written the tune, but the flawless way he trades in Hot Chocolate’s funk for dirty rock makes for one of the year’s most memorable tracks. It’s a shame the rest of the album doesn’t deliver the goods.

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