future me hates me

The Beths

Carpark • 2018

Carpark • 2018

The self-deprecating pop-punk on Future Me Hates Me, the debut LP from Auckland, New Zealand’s The Beths, does many things well. Relatable, quirky and introspective lyrics add to the charm of deliciously sweet layers of vocals, dizzying guitar, meaty bass lines and genius drum work. Frontwoman Elizabeth Stokes has a palpable vocal range that perfectly frames her raw lyrical recollection of life falling apart (or together) as on “Happy Unhappy,” where she sings “Stumbled up the driveway/With a handshake and a slow wave/Now I'm crashed out on the couch/Wondering if you feel the same/’Cause you're in my brain taking up space.” Who can’t relate? Warning: This album may remind you of past awkward experiences  that have no doubt happened to anyone who has ever lived and loved, failed and learned, and failed some more. But worry nor fear,  because The Beths will surely make it all sound plenty good.

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*It’s not on the album, but be sure to catch what could become an indie holiday classic, their electrifying cover of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”