when my heart felt volcanic

The Aces

Red Bull • 2018

Red Bull • 2018

When My Heart Felt Volcanic, the first full-length album from all-girl Provo, Utah band The Aces is a strong helping of hard-to-put-down sugary delicacies made up of deep-bass beats, sweetly layered vocals and upbeat, gleeful runs of guitar that decorate like confetti sprinkles. The infectious warmth and rhythmic pop appeal make the album feel like bubbly party music. Don’t be deceived though--pointed lyrics lie underneath the delectable syrupy saccharine laid down in their latest release. The track “Volcanic Love” is about affection that feels like an all-consuming fire, with someone singing from underneath the ashes. Brightly pop, with a seductively emotive magnetism, each track on the album sticks to you like a static-charged party balloon. When My Heart Felt Volcanic would fit nicely next to your Sara Bareilles CDs, with vibes like Paramore crossed with a bit of HAIM.

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