Soccer Mommy

Fat Possum • 2018

Fat Possum • 2018

The steady strength of Soccer Mommy’s debut album Clean comes from its mystery. We’ve heard soft strands of acoustic guitar resting nicely against played-down yet endearing vocals before. We’ve heard somber bass lines get along crazily well with minimalist electric guitar melodies and the like. What could possibly be new about this? Hence, the mystery.

Clean has a freshness about it that sneaks up on you the way a carefree June afternoon can, with a calm, enchanting familiarity and warmth that feels so good it seems to be magical, which is rare. Soccer Mommy, the project name taken by singer/songwriter Sophie Allison, captures a breathy feeling of nostalgia and the haunting beauty of life and nature. Like Polaroids of precious moments, Clean does a remarkable job of pitting contemplation and brooding lyrics against a moving tapestry of pleasurable, meditative indie rock formalities. All one can do is listen, wonder, and fold into it.

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