Crush ep

Ravyn Lenae

Atlantic / Three Twenty Three • 2018

Atlantic / Three Twenty Three • 2018

You might think producer Steve Lacy is getting ahead of himself when he likens his relationship with Ravyn Lenae to Timbaland and Aaliyah, but give Crush a listen, and then decide. Starting with catchy-af single “Sticky,” Ravyn Lenae’s EP fits right in between spins of SZA’s CTRL (cause you still have that on repeat, right?).

Whether Lenae is “woo-hoo-hoo”-ing on “Sticky” or reminding someone “don’t you know you’re beautiful/you never make me cry” on “Closer (ODE 2 U)” her vocals are expressive, fun, and paired with undeniably catchy beats. Lacy also provides some nicely paired vocal support on “Computer Luv” and “4 Leaf Clover.”

“The Night Song” is a far-and-away standout on Crush, demanding a listen the next time you need some “getting-ready” music. Her confidence is contagious as she states, “People like to stare/I don’t really care what you think/oooh I like my hair today.” And since we’re already thinking about Aaliyah and SZA, try mixing in “The Night Song” alongside “Rock the Boat” and “Drew Barrymore” and see if you can see the seams.

It’s clear Lenae means it when she sings, “I wanna be no one but me.” It definitely sticks.

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