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"Now’s the Valentimes"



Last year’s Valentine’s Day, while I was launching the site and dropping a 100-song VD playlist assembled from years of perfumed February mixes to my wife, became the first in our 10 year marriage when I didn’t make her a new mix, for which I hereby publicly apologize.

Now’s the Valentimes* is this year’s renewal of a series for her that always benefits from best-of the just-bygone year curation (see: Poll stars Ella Mai, Noname, Kamasi, et al) and hot new releases from the first-quarter release rush (see: Blake, Van Etten), along with requisite deep cuts from recent favorites (see: Chaka Khan, Monae) and big singles from returning heroes (see: this one).

A good Valentine’s evening together definitely needs a dance break from all the love declarations and decorations, so play this mix in your living room and give a love demonstration.

Now’s the time for a utilitarian, movie-length 26 song session that is just as corny (see: “Why yes, that is Ray LaMontagne leading into Led Zeppelin”) and predictable (see: the bringing-it-on-home ending) as my love. It’s been a slushy vortex of a month so far in Chicago, so let Choon Group send you warmth and cuddles for this day devoted to devotion.