double negative


Sub Pop • 2018

Sub Pop • 2018

Low is a band that takes their time. Held in their clutches, down-tempo becomes a sweet release. It is a pace that for many becomes pensive and plodding, but for Low, it is pure emotion slowed down to a language that can be understood. On Double Negative we learn that they also are a band that has been taking their time in crafting themselves a new sound. Fans who have become accustomed to their quiet guitar, light drums and signature ghostly vocals will find themselves on a new playing field of effects, static and pitch-shifting -- still ghostly and spare, but renewed for the digital age. While these lines started to blur on 2015’s Ones and Sixes thanks to the band’s work with producer B.J. Burton (Bon Iver, James Blake, Sylvan Esso, there is now more blur than line, with Burton once again at the helm. Only one track, “Dancing and Fire,” resembles what came before.

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