i’m all ears

Let’s Eat Grandma

Transgressive • 2018

Transgressive • 2018

It’s fitting that Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, the two young women who make up Norwich synth-pop duo Let’s Eat Grandma, were childhood friends--their disarmingly epic sophomore album, I’m All Ears, unfolds with the emotional urgency of a late night pinky promise. It’s rendered in the distinct colors of a shared, intuitive universe where the intimacy of classic bedroom pop is given the widescreen breadth of space rock filtered through the heedless imagination of prog. On songs like “Hot Pink” and the twitchy, irrepressible “Falling Into Me,” the fraught terrain of early adulthood--craving affirmation while resisting labels, succumbing to romantic helplessness despite knowing better--is rendered as hallucinatory as it can sometimes feel. But while these songs traffic in the combustible headspaces of youth, they unfurl with a patience that belies their age, building brick-by-brick until every glacial synth sweep or rudimentary guitar solo achieves an improbable, spotlit intensity. It all culminates in the stunning, 11-minute mini-opus “Donnie Darko,” where Walton and Hollingworth find triumph in their own defenselessness as they stare down the maddening ambiguity of the universe, hand-in-hand.

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