Frankie Cosmos


by Emmaline Skillicorn

Sub Pop • 2018

Sub Pop • 2018

With March’s much-anticipated release of Frankie Cosmos’s third studio album Vessel, the exciting self-deprecating wonderland that is the paradox of our twenties was once again explored through the band’s pop-veering melodies and all-too relatable lyrics. Vessel showers its listeners with 18 well thought-out, delicately balanced tracks that can only be a product of the one-of-a-kind Greta Kline. 

Several songs on the album (including opener “Caramelize,” single “Apathy,” and “As Often as I Can”) share in common a new trend of instrumental complexities subtly layered beneath Kline’s lyrics. This record is fuller-sounding compared to their 2014 release, Zentropy, and an album that flows slightly easier than 2016 release Next Thing, but despite having signed to indie king Sub Pop for this LP, Vessel doesn’t swing too far from their original comfortable lo-fi DIY indie pop.

Those expecting something groundbreaking could be setting themselves up for disappointment. As if it weren’t clear before from their two prior studio albums and extensive Bandcamp exclusives, Frankie Cosmos is very good at what she does and Vessel proves that even more. She may not have moved the needle very far on her overall sound, but she’s crafted a set that I find ideal for driving down a highway in the summertime, preferably west coast...preferably sitting next to a boy, blasting this album as loud as it can possibly go.

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