lilac everything

Emma Louise

Liberation • 2018

Liberation • 2018

Heretofore little-known Stateside, Australian singer-songwriter Emma Louise joins up with producer Tobias Jesso, Jr. (you may remember his Goon LP from 2015), who brings big power out of her lovely, aching tunes via the gimmicky-but-hey-it-works technique of pitching down her vocals into gender-mysterious territory. The tasteful folk-rock arrangements help illustrate the larger emotional beats of the song cycle and should appeal to Father John Misty fans, but her forthright lyrics and hard-earned romanticism make Lilac Everything a distinctive delight. One of the year’s most out-of-the-blue pleasures for me; now I’m scouring the net for older material like her more conventional but still-solid 2016 LP Supercry.

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