Caroline Rose

New West • 2018

New West • 2018

Caroline Rose’s album Loner departs heavily from her debut album America Religious’s more folk-centered sound and the rockabilly flair of her second, I Will Not Be Afraid, showing off her multi-genre nuance and reach. Loner seems crafted out of a space that pulls from an older era, some ethereal past made poetic and somehow new. The stimulating  dynamics of Rose’s voice make you think she’s cut from the lineage of women with bigger, fuller tones like Peggy Lee and Nancy Sinatra. Synthesizers almost vaudevillian in nature hang around in the background on the moody, ‘bored at the bar’ feeling of “More of the Same.” Decadently danceable, “Jeannie Becomes A Mom” burns with a hearkening to upbeat ‘60s pop grooves, yet feels like something way more current. This kind of oscillation is well executed and runs the length of Loner, a testament to Rose’s artistic versatility.

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